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1. Hello assembled brothers and sisters.
2. New messages numbered.
3. Like this, ok?
4. Okay

...some messages coped to /chat_archive so as to keep this page clean

75. Two ways of using internet : active and passive.
Active : to search with a thought (or idea or feeling) already firmly within attention
Passive : Scroll mainly simply reacting to the content, passively, without giving much attention to direction and quality of content.

It appears both ways are valid when done with attention, majority humans use passively and limit themselves.

76. `replying to No.74` Mother nature's plans :
- quickly cover cement and general waste with cement loving, cement breaking plants.
- free energy device based on plastic just to clean itself simply while protecting human children. Human children will scavenge all plastic for free to get free energy.
- more similar fixes.

Mother nature has foresight and does not like messy stuff. Bye bye current human civilization.

77. https://files.catbox.moe/7c27do.webm

78. Need a rest on individual level and reset as a whole

79. Same here. Silence is golden.

80. A grass plant to feed the cows, feed the human, increase organic matter at the same time? http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Coix+lacryma-jobi

81. Batman kidnaps Lau movie scene : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FW9Sqxb-4o
`update` Notice how easy it is to 3d map an environment using radio signals of mobile

82. When cultivating new ground (previously cultivated or not, any ground in fact), transplant "weed" seedlings which came up on their own when you watered to dedicated "improve soil or heal soil" area. Do this huuumaan! Note to self. "Nothing should you waste or no more access to infinity"

83. Plant a edible nursery.
like :
winged+bean + shankapushpam + sword bean combination
purslane pudina whatever works man. Infinite options? Explore with /seedballs?

84. More :
tomatoes take care in high fertility area (Which happens to be a side effect of something else)

`(Attempted as 83, but slot occupied because movement)`
Do simple food plant nursery. Simple food plants grow like ornamental (only as side effect). Primarily grown to grow it to obtain food.

86. place cashew seeds in wet soil (maybe in a dedicated pot), eat the sprout which comes up in few days. Very tasty.

87. Anyone ever experienced a niggle in knee? What is the way of treatment that worked best for you?

88. About discomfort in knee : Maybe one's body is dehydrated and this causes certain buildup of waste matter in knee (or whatever other) area. Too much salt? Too much empty carbs? Too little raw veggies and greens? I say make chutney from raw /moringa leaves with coconut and eat for breakfast (along with cucumber or something I don't know). Less salt.

89. Knee problems are also caused by lack of sunlight. So the simplest way of treatment is to go outside and seek light from the sun.

90. Exploring "darbha" grass plant. (initiating exploration...)

91. Reminder to go soak in premonsoon rains for feelings of amplified feelings

92. Certain methods/procedures represented in simple symbols in a precise manner -> `leading to?` remove old useless, obsolete procedures by automating it -> keep the representation language simple (and serious) is the only true rule... that is, the representations used for communication should have meaning in real life?

- symbols using feelings from /sacred_geometry_related?

93. Do indoor plants attract mosquitoes?

94. No? Broad question but no. Mosquitoes surely attracted when sweet sweet junk food is eaten. Itchy flaky skin, stagnant blood, addicted to a screen, these are observations.

95. Uday: namasthe
All the best

96. Namaste good sir. Let's do it.

97. Hello friend hello. One must try Ashwagandha + Brahmi (Bacopa Monneiri) combo in morning for nice feelings.
Try to get live plant of Brahmi + whole entire dry root of ashwagandha (not powdered and processed) for this.

98. General feelings : http://0x0.st/-Ai2.webm

99. Also this : http://0x0.st/-BmG.webm
And hello to everyone. I hope you are all well and not falling for media propaganda. Related /psychological_viruses