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Observation : boiled pasteurized milk, yogurt, all such products which one gets in plastic packages -> cause mucous and flu-like symptoms and general feeling of lethargy.

related : /one_is_as_one_eats, /carb_withdrawal

People conclude that some virus or parasite is spreading but truth is that one is eating all wrong.

All illnesses are body's attempt at rebalancing/healing itself

All. I really mean All.

So, never suppress symptoms like doctorman does. Instead, observe and guide body by giving it space and good nutrition and leisure. /raw_leafy_greens and all that.

Akasha : fifth element, ether, whatever one calls it. Space. Infinite. More one uses, more it produces. Many plays was played in theatre but theatre has to simply provide space. If there is accumulation of old play, it directly interferes with new one!