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List of simple minimally processed finger millet [1] (ragi) recipes.

- Health drink/milk :
Soak finger millet with minimal water and in few hours (12 hours?), the tiny seeds seem to germinate, grind it and strain it, drink with minimal added sweetener, contemplate simplicity of life. One could add coconut and /ilaichi while grinding too. Flavor nice flavor!

- What to do with the strained residue from above step? Add to plants as /mulch? Add to soup for thickening effect and fiber? /no_wastage_principle

references :
[1] Finger millet info : http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Eleusine+coracana

Interesting line from above link : `The grain possesses excellent storage properties and is said to improve in quality with storage. Seed can be stored without damage for as long as 50 years`