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plants related:

- Tropical plant database http://tropical.theferns.info
( `Note : ` Temperate database exists too, just change the link appropriately )
- https://eattheplanet.org -exploring earth's wild edibles
- aquatic plant gallery https://idtools.org/id/appw/gallery.php
- 'gardening with a sense of history' https://wyrtig.com/
- imageboard for ecology and stuff

simple communication tools :

- https://www.protectedtext.com/
- https://rentry.co/ -Markdown pastebin tool

- http://0x0.st/ -upload files using terminal. Simple.
- https://catbox.moe/ -simple file upload/sharing

- https://justpaste.it/ -> must explore this website
- https://dead-drop.me -> must explore this one too

- https://paste.uguu.se/ - temporary encrypted pastebin

Books and reading material :

- ebook library https://b-ok.asia
- another ebook library http://libgen.rs/ (http://gen.lib.rus.ec/)
- free public domain audiobooks https://librivox.org/

Learning :

- A really good and simple circuit simulator. Learnt many things about nature of electricity using this (along with breadboard in real life) https://www.falstad.com/circuit/

- Geometry tool online, felt really elegant https://www.geogebra.org/geometry

Searching the web :
https://wiby.me/ -simple search engine based on user submissions. It apparently dislikes indexing pages which are commercialized and full of ads.

https://duckduckgo.com/ -search engine

https://github.com/iv-org/documentation/blob/master/Invidious-Instances.md - invidious is alternative front end for youtube software. One could watch videos without signing in to youtube by opening any of the listed instances running invidious.

fun sites :


comments :

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