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Male version of papaya tree. It has nice smelling flowers. It is seen as "male" by human because it does not yield fruit. Usually cut because "I want papayas god-damn it!". When not cut, good fragrance is had, feels nourishing. Monkeys attracted? Certain humming bird like small bird attracted to suck them flowers.

Male papaya grows a bit faster as one observes.

Fertility of one's own pee is given to this plant whenever one feels like it.

Observation of fragrance (of the flower, not pee necessarily)

An approach to communication with papaya :
- fragrant male papaya tree attracts itself to it. Approach it with mindfulness, take care to not step any insects because one is possessed by the fragrance.
- /commercial_mentality to get more papaya in mind
- the flower is gathered and is buried near stem of young papaya plant
- probability of that young plant becoming "female" or "male" affected by this action (action which was done with feeling, not mechanically)
- male or female or one stops choosing and observes?
- free to move.
- option : Stop internet usage if too possessed by it.

Fun info :

Above page from the ancient book Guide by R.K Narayan. Nice feels. Geometry of papaya used to show it's vibrancy, health.