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First hand study on quality of sleep (on oneself, not others) when the human turns off all electronics and artificial lighting around where human sleeps. Turn off or keep the phone far away while you sleep comfortably. Until now, good sleep is observed.

Continued observation of deep restful sleep observed when sleeping in supine position without electronics around sleeping radius. Natural air flow around nature.

Continued observation (update, I mean) : Sleep without electronic and other human made noise, preferably around nature and plants, does indeed help in good deep sleep.

Live and let live, so you cannot introduce your electronic device and noise near other humans while they sleep (because the noise would affect you as well). Take care human! Don't carelessly place your smartphone near other person when that person sleeps.

update : "Die everyday, reborn everyday" feeling observed.

nicest sleeps when no artificial light and no electronic devices around, on a flat surface. Cushiony surface may cause spine problems to human.