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Sacred Geometry related things :

- on 2 Circles and Vesica Piscis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nylbTV1U6Y
- This picture on human proportions :

~ Notice how the circle is centered from the navel of human
~ Notice also, how swuare is centered from genital of human
- Find out if proportions of Vesica Piscis match that of golden ratio 'phi' `update` : no it does not

- good intro to feeling of sacred geometry https://nakgeo.com/what-is-sacred-geometry/
Line from above link : `As an actual day to day practice, the essence of what a sacred geometer does is still very close to what one fan said, which is “to make anything constructed with the Euclidean tools [compass, straight edge, pen or similar], where only the first center & radius are chosen by the geometer, and all other forms are created from information held within the shapes themselves.” `

- create garden/temple/house/anything (water tank, water turbine, net) using above feeling.
For garden : the expansion of garden happens using such simple geometric patterns. Don't aim for symmetric beauty, just try to plant using precise geometry at key points. Key points represented by simple roundish boulders? ... so on and so forth

One can always start with smallest space to initiate experiment. Example : A circle with clear center boulder and clear radius mark (maybe using coconut husks at key points). Plants planted with mud dug while setting boulders (which was spread to fill the circle). Precise simple patterns which writes itself.

An A-frame could be initial tool itself to build (scale again, can be started at smallest and expanded later, (again, no aim for symmetry, just precise representation enough) )