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Good healthy seeds of plants are shared. Health and well-being increased. Fun is had.
One could make /seed_balls and share it too. Tiny seeds (like amaranth, tulsi) are preserved better because of seed balls.

- I Want seeds of /winged_bean_plant. Edit this line if you have. `update` : anyone have this? Share picture of plant in /pictures.

- Want seeds (entire ripe spherical fruit containing seeds preferred) of /bilva_tree (or bael tree). `Update` : mission accomplished by picking up fallen bael fruit near temple. Small golf ball sized fruit.

- Have seeds of /sesbania_grandiflora (location in south of India), will share. The mother plant is very vigorous grower.

Places on the internet with similar seedsharing and plant related discussion :
- https://sharetheseeds.me/forum/index.php