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- The things you own end up owning you

- Healthy crops growing in healthy environment are not subject to "pest" attack

- /raw_leafy_greens heal the human body

- Body odour of human depends on what human ate recently and how clogged up the system is. Cleaner the body, cleaner the odor. A good indication of health. /one_is_as_one_eats

- That which cannot be commercialized (yet available in abundance) tends to be most useful/valuable. Sun, leafy greens, air, smile, anger, tendency to be distracted,...

- recycling is a side effect when one applies /no_wastage_principle in life. One wouldn't pursue recycling directly. Someone commercializes recycling activity and produces more justification for producing waste, toxins.

- Mother nature heals. All diseases are response of the body to heal/balance itself.

- so called "pests" do not really exist and are result of human discrimination. Healthy crops endure, weak crops dessimated. Pests are never the cause of weakness, the mistreatment of land is the cause of weakness.
- observe a thinning effect when an insect bites off all but one plant which had sprouted together

- humans pass time gossipping because humans bored in their own lives. Why not pay attention to your own life oh human!

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- observation of addiction, obsessive tendencies, repetetive behaviors and explaining to oneself why one keeps switching between tasks or why one keeps pursuing the task. Explain honestly now to oneself and observe feeling.

- The term "waste" is only based on certain discrimination. Relaxed observation shows no waste exists, just continuous change of energy/frequencies. Use those which are harmonious to your being.

- Empty stomach heals. Just don't eat, observe mucous cleanse away, aso /raw_leafy_greens and all that

- You can't buy health

- fasting is alone. ( not necessarily non-eating, non-partying, non-working,... )
The main task is paying attention to habits, behaviors which you do not know how you initiated, yet find yourself in the middle of it, pay attention and gather free energy.

- Could body become like pure water, excellent communicator of what is, and it become a temple?

External temples/mosques/churchs/xyz are pure water generating/distributing mechanisms. Masses use it as crutch to continue living life which impurifies the water by not respecting temple (Both external and internal). External temple get's commercialized to death and loses potency, the masses suddenly say they are "infected" with a virus.