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Media (commercialized) is reflection of your own fear and bias and desires. The conclusions drawn in media have no relationship with daily practical reality. Since it is commercialized, it's original intent is corrupted by things which it is dependant on for money.

So throw away your TV, stop binge watching whatever you do, whatsapp, all that! Seriously. (Not to seen as a rejection of technology, but seeing dangers of eating such media. /one_is_as_one_eats). Most of you use internet passively, by consuming all the garbage which is passed around, mostly commercials in one form or another, passively reacting to opinions. Scrolling mindlessly to things which are second-handed. Why not one use internet ACTIVELY? With feeling!

The media-man picks up on feelings of fear, distrust, desires you gossip in daily life and makes a news item out of it. What you put out to the world is returned back to you by media-man. Why feed the monster which is your own psychological shadow? Why assign authority to such piece of propaganda? Can you look with eyes unclouded?

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