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- You live in a land, certain plants grow all by itself by the virtue of you existing in that land. Why not use it? Consider them nature's gift to you which helps you on your current situation. (related : /raw_leafy_greens )

- You have border around your home/work-station, Why does that border exist? Why are animals blocked from entering? Can the existing "animal-trouble" be seen as invitation of nature to consume that energy?

Situations :
plant groundnuts and share with monkeys -> best fertilizer for land from that friendship had. Use it or not, one decides oneself.
Question : Are monkeys automatically attracted when one grows certain fast growing plants like /subabul, /moringa, /male_papaya, /sesbania_grandiflora?

अतिथिदेवो भव:

plant tapioca root around border so that so called "pig attack trouble" becomes
~how much tapioca can I plant to absorb this energy while
getting good alive poop/fertility spread across my land
~to observe tendency to make video of pig "attacking" the
tapioca crop in the process of posting it in social media and
~to observe the tendency to commerialize this video
~to make a secret group which only shares this approach among
themselves while shunning "new-comers"

Free plants show up on their own because of such friendship.
The free plants are mentioned in tradition (/ayurveda or whatever) and one can approach tradition with care.
Observe how people have already commercialized certain insights gathered from such observation.
Example : buying /nitrogen_fixing legumes of certain kind which would grow luxuriously around one's own home, while being ornamental and nutritious (/mucuna_pruriens, /shanka_pushpa, /horsegram, /tur whatever) but was uprooted because it is "a danger because animals are attracted to it". Essentially, one has commercialized such friendship with animals, birds.

Thorn plant mimosa shows up in an area. Communication from nature to have such an alertness while walking through that patch /barefoot. Observe your own alertness when deciding where to step next, observation of insect life and alertness required to decide where to step next (or stop stepping and stand still). Gather understanding of "why" mimosa grows wherever it grows and respond accordingly. All in your hands, ~ /commercialize it or ~ignore it because you are distracted by routine or ~countless other things. Free to move.

-- dead animal after it bumped to fancy new home's shiny reflective window. What does one do?
~ one observes dead animal and feeling of disgust
~ one observes sudden predetorial nature to use bird as food, compost-able mass, social-media share-item
~ one realises never really looked at bird without disgust, /commercial_mentality,
~ one observes
~ energy gathered

-- peeing on gourd plants and consuming result oneself.