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The other living organism has right to live and one need not kill to suppress inconveniences. Instead, one can see the inconveniences as gentle (or not so gentle) reminders from nature to look at life from new perspective.

Example, mosquitoes : They attack because they want you to look at your food habits (which has lead to your body odor). Mosquitoes during sunrise and sunset to make the inconvenienced entity (which is me) aware of the need for movement outside the home during those periods. No use killing mosquitoes as lesson will not be learnt, the root cause never solved when killed.

Another example : You unknowingly kill a lizard while moving a rock in the ground. Lesson to be more aware and gentle. Also, the dead lizard is buried and a seed is planted on top of it. Good fertilizer right?

More : Termites exist and build their mud tunnels to consume dead or dying plant matter. Killing termites based on assumption that "termites are cause of death/weakness of plants" is NOT based on reality.
Question is, can one use some of that good termite mud to make /seed_balls?