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- plants being watered by plant itself. Based on intelligence of plant, the water mechanism will let water. "Secret life of plants" talks about such a setup. Any info or insight on this is appreciated...
plant plays music?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZX5B_p79V4

- Similarly, plants used for automation of home - wake up alarm, danger (pollution, damage) alarm, fun alarm, whatever.

- A bit crude thought : treat plant like a highly intelligent neural network to make facial recognition, ensure simplicity. Mathematics is handled by the living plant not by some electronic computer.

- on electromagnetic geometry stuff from "paranormal redpills thread" : https://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/27094888

- there really are no diseases. There is simply names given to various symptoms one feel (and must feel) when body/mind tries to heal/rebalance itself. Attempts to suppress this is to amplify the dis-ease. (Ease : a feeling of loose well-being without baggage of old garbage, either psychological or physical)