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todos :

Space occupied by /user/blob :
- inform tropical.theferns.info website that search function does not work when searching certain words, example "centella"

- Plants needed hippali, (obtained) vacha, (obtained) vetiver

- show "internet disconnected" instead of "Error while submitting"

- still haven't done first thing

- database (database presently is sqlite file, no fancy db required, IP address is hashed while storing) backup code implement

- search_page title function needed
x the quote paragraph color - make a bit more grey
x make sure external links open in new tab

- go through chapter on jagdish chandra bose again in that book secret life of plants

- implement /search_page to search names of pages. Simple nothing fancy.

- "no backlinks found" add a link back to the page and home page too. Make it more accessible oh human!

x to plant Bixa plant ( Annatto ) update : we have 3 small plants. Let them grow!
- plant moth bean for fun and fun
x edit this page